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My Works

The Big Beautiful

“Jane Austen meets Mayberry: for once, a real romance, with a heroine worthy of it! Smart, sweet, and funny. This is one big, beautiful, life-affirming novel.” —Lee Smith

The Big Beautiful is beautifully written, complex, and comic, entertaining and unforgettable (as always). I read for the sheer joy of reading and completely lost track of time.”
—Michael Lee West

Plant Life

Plant Life won the 2003 Sir Walter Raleigh Award for Fiction and is available in paperback from Delta.

“Duncan has a fine ear for dialect, which finds expression in a series of striking set-pieces....Well crafted, with expert attention to the cadence of regional speech patterns, these short pieces ring with the authority of oral history....It is a novel with heart.”
—Washington Post

“Duncan’s ruminative exploration provides a thought-provoking look at how women’s roles change over generations as the world around them changes.”
—Baltimore Sun

Moon Women

Moon Women was a finalist for the 2002 Southeast Booksellers Association Book Award and is available in paperback from Delta.

“In the tradition of Fannie Flagg and Rebecca Wells comes a Southern-fried debut.... Duncan shows promise as a from-the-heart, quirky storyteller.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Add newcomer Duncan to your reading list of Southern women writers.... Duncan expertly demonstrates that ordinary lives are worth illuminating.”
—Library Journal